Su, 30.09. | 18:00
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Double Feature with THE MONSTER SQUAD.

Do werewolves have balls? After Horace kicks one between its legs he knows the answer: “Wolfman’s got nards”. The documentary of the same name takes a look at the production of the mid-80s cult film THE MONSTER SQUAD. Including interviews with fans such as Seth Green, but also with the makers of the film itself who can remember all too well what it felt like to make a film that is justifiably adored today but that nobody wanted to see when it was released. WOLFMAN’S GOT NARDS tells the story of a film that had to fall in order to get up again, and is a love letter to Fantastic Film and its fans.

When and where?
Su, 30.09. | 18:00
METRO Historisch
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US 2018 | 91 Min | DCP
Language eOV
Director André Gower
Cast André Gower, Ryan Lambert, Ashley Bank, Fred Dekker
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