Sa, 22.09. | 18:00
METRO Historisch

A wild, unbridled exploitation bombshell from Austria: the director of fine pulp Eddy Saller cast a stunning Udo Kier in his first main role as a rising star in the Frankfurt underworld in the late 60s. With his steel blue eyes and without mercy he dupes his way all the way into the courtyard of power: it isn’t until his encounter with student and casual prostitute Annabella that things get out of hand. Loose girls, rough men, a happening in the Otto Mühl commune, and the formidable jazz soundtrack by Gerhard Heinz make SCHAMLOS a pioneer for Austrian enfant terrible cinema.

In attendance of Udo Kier.

When and where?
Sa, 22.09. | 18:00
METRO Historisch
AT 1968 | 78 Min | 35mm
Language dOV
Director Eddy Saller
Cast Udo Kier, Rolf Eden, Marina Paal
Writer Karl Hans Koizar, Eddy Saller, E. Neumayr, Theodor Ottawa
Editing Dagmar Koschu
Cinematography Walter Partsch
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