Fr, 28.09. | 23:00

The Australian hinterland is surprisingly rich in ways to die gruesomely. When two older farmers with well-trained livers go hunting together they find themselves staring into the raging eyes of a new one: a giant, monstrous wild boar terrorizes the outback, devouring both man and beast alike. The creator of cheery, low-brow horror films, Chris Sun, delivers not only his best work to date with BOAR, but also the second best wild boar horror shocker, right after Russell Mulcahy’s RAZORBACK (1984). On top of all that, as a plus point, for the most part the creature and gore effects are done in an analog manner. Awesome!

When and where?
Fr, 28.09. | 23:00
AU 2017 | 96 Min | DCP
Language eOV
Director Chris Sun
Cast John Jarratt, Simone Buchanan, Bill Moseley, Melissa Tkautz, Nathan Jones, Hugh Sheridan, Roger Ward, Chris Haywood
Writer Chris Sun
Editing Michael Gilbert
Cinematography Andrew Conder
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