Fr, 28.09. | 21:00
METRO Pleskow

In the 70s and 80s Luigi Cozzi was the creator of intoxicating pop-icons such as STARCRASH (1978). His first film after a 25 year (!) break is an enchanting lo-fi fantasy, that compensates for its (very) small budget with an excess of creative lunacy (and madness). Cozzi himself plays the lead role who tries to get to the bottom of a mystery from the beginnings of cinema: while doing so he meets friends and family, such as Lamberto Bava, ponders about himself as the Ed Wood of Italian cinema, and finally flies through the air and his own body of work in a Méliès rocket. You can’t get more visionary than that.

In attendance of Luigi Cozzi.

When and where?
Fr, 28.09. | 21:00
METRO Pleskow
IT 2016 | 111 Min | DCP
Language OmeU
Director Luigi Cozzi
Cast Sharon Alessandri, Dario Argento, Philippe Beun-Garbe, Barbara Magnolfi
Writer Luigi Cozzi, Giulia Leone
Editing Vittorio Viscardi
Cinematography Francesca Paolucci, Andrea Peroni, Frank Guern
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